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All The Rage: Romantic Burgundy Eyes For Brides

Smoky smoky smoky. I have yet to meet a bride who doesn’t throw the word out there at least once. Even if the bride is going for a natural look, something about it has to be smoky. In a generation or two the word ‘smoky’ will probably be the new word for makeup.

My weddings have been (thankfully) plentiful this year so I’ve had quite a few to sample from, and while natural is still a high demand look, I actually have more brides go for a slightly dramatic smoky eye instead. This includes brides who say they hardly ever wear makeup. Since no one (and I mean not a single one of my 2010 weddings) has daytime weddings, this evening makeup look is perfectly appropriate.

For brides I prefer to use a color other than black or grey for a less harsh look, and burgundy has been my most popular smoky bridal eye for Spring/Summer 2010.  The reason why is quite simple – burgundy or purple-ish flowers or bridesmaids dresses. And remember, the wedding is in the evening, but usually the pictures are taken while it’s still light out. So black or grey eye makeup can look more like raccoon eyes than sexy romantic eyes out in the harsh light of day.

Here’s the how-to with delightful photos courtesy of Life & Love Studios. Of course, hiring a makeup artist is really worth the splurge for a wedding, but in the event of a remote location or tight budget, follow these steps. Try it out ahead of time and please email me with any blunders you may encounter along the way.

1. Chill out! Put on some tunes, have a snack, pour a drink, and take a few deep breaths. Moisturize your skin to have a smooth canvas and start with the eyes so that in case you have shadow fall-out you don’t ruin your face makeup. Cover the lids with an eye base or cream foundation.

makeup artist sally streets with bridal client

2. Line the eyes top and bottom with a deep brown pencil like Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Pearly Brown. Optionally go for the inner-eye tear duct on bottom.

3. Cover the entire lid with a light pink or tawny shadow. Try Bobby Brown’s Baby Pink.

makeup artist sally streets with bridal client

4. Have two shades of burgundy shadow you plan to use, a deeper and a slightly lighter. I used MAC shadows here in Folie and Handwritten. Start with the deeper and hold your brush exactly as I am in the picture so that you can start at the lash line with the bulk of the shadow and sweep up. I have powder under the eyes to catch fall-out because I already did foundation here.

makeup sally streets with bridal client

5. Sweep your lighter shadow into the crease area, blending between the original pink and darker burgundy. Optionally take a highlighter, and this time starting from the brow line, sweep down and over the top of the lighter tone to make sure the color gradation is smooth.

6. Take an angle brush and smooth over the bottom eyeliner with the shadows, starting with the darker one on the outer corner and switching to the lighter one in the middle.

7. Add lashes! See my previous post, Making Face: False Eyelashes-Yes You Can! for the step-by-step.

9. Clean up any fall-out mess and fill in the eyebrows. I love Laura Mercier’s eyebrow pencils because they never go warm.

10. Finish up your face makeup. This bride wanted bronzed cheeks and a nude lip.

11. How ridiculously gorgeous does she look?

sally streets bridal makeup

He definitely thinks so!

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