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Halloween: How To Do Fairy Makeup

Mystical magical and beautiful, the fairy costume is a favorite for young and old. Well, mostly young.

Pretty much the opposite of How to do Zombie Makeup, fairy makeup is light and airy and very very happy. Fairies giggle and grant wishes and are the embodiment of whimsical dreams.

The following are tips on how to do fairy makeup so that it is subtle and beautiful without coming out like one big pot of glitter.

–  Mix a touch of liquid highlighter with your foundation or tinted moisturizer to make the skin a little glowy all-over. Stila’s Luminizer is a perfect example. For a light skinned fairy choose a pink highlighter and for a dark skinned fairy chose a golden highlighter like a bronzer. If you have a powder product and want to use that instead, that’s fine too.

-Powder down the t-zone and so that most of the glow is on the cheeks and edges.

-Apply an eye shadow over your lids to create an undertone in a color of your choice. I like green blue or purple for fairies.

-Use a gooey liquid glitter substance from the party supply or halloween store that has a clear base and thin coverage over the shadow so that it dries shiny and sparkly. Only do the lids-do not take the glitter all the way up to the eyebrows! Scary fairy. For less shine you can use a powder glitter, or an eyeliner that has a touch or sparkle. Check out the drugstore for cheap options like Wet n Wild Megashimmer.

-Choose a light pink blush and apply it only to the apples of the cheeks.

-Add a touch of the glitter to the upper, outer cheek bone.

-False eyelashes are wonderful and can be very long if you like. A choice like this one that is longer on the outer edges is my favorite.

-If you like, add a stick-on rhinestone type appliqué just under the outer edge of the eye. Sweet 17 has a great step-by-step for this.

-A light pink lip gloss is the perfect final touch.

I love this fairy-inspired Free People ad. Tons of curls, little braids, flowers, and ribbons are all wonderful hair ideas without being overly costume-y. Pretty!

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