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Halloween: Slutty Costume Ideas

According to Wiki, Halloween draws it’s roots from the Celtic (hard C not soft like the basketball team) festival Samhain, which was a celebration of the harvest season. The ancient Celts believed that on October 31st the boundary between the living and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops.

Today, the boundary between the sexy slut and modest matron dissolves and women around the country celebrate by taking their top excuse a year to don Playboy bunny ears, fishnets, and chrome thigh-high platform boots. Cat tail, leotard, and stilettos and Hallow’s Eve is on bitch! Wooooo

For those of you going for this ‘traditional’ Halloween look, check out my previous post on Stripper Eyes makeup. For those of you looking for a more creative slutty option, try one of these costume ideas:

-Dead slut. You still get to use the push-up bra and fake lashes, but you’re a little cooler for adding your method of death. A noose around the neck is an easy one.

-Vampire. Be one of the bad vampires who wear dog collars and vinyl skirts. A lot of black eyeliner and fangs are a must.

-Attack Victim. Werewolves totally shred clothing! Take a pair of scissors to your outfit to add some skin. A slash through the bottom of the breast area is super sexy. Reverse cleavage, ooo lala. Add a rip right up the thigh. Smudge your makeup and make your hair ruffled for a good morning-after reference too.

-Lipstick lesbian. Not feeling like dressing up? Just go to the party with your BFF. If anyone asks what you are, just start making out and it should be obvious. Hold hands at least; the thought of it will be sexy enough without having to swap spit. Beware this is a dangerous costume.

-Satirical Paris Hilton type. See, the genius here, much like with Pink’s video for ‘Stupid Girl’ is that you get to dress up like a slut while making fun of people who dress like, or do slutty things. Get a bunch of copies of ‘One Night in Paris’ to hand out for PR .

-Plastic Surgery Victim. The idea here is much like the previous one. Get the chicken cutlet inserts to make your tits HUGE. Wear a Juicy Couture sweatsuit unzipped for cleavage (with short shorts, not pants of course), a long blond wig, and a pair of those wax lips.

Man, I’m having fun with this one. I could go on, but instead I’d like to hear some of your ideas…. Comment your creative slut costume suggestion!

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