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Making Face: Eye Brows!

Ladies, if you take one bit of wisdom from this blog, it’s that you are only as good as your eyebrows. Your entire worth rests in your ability to make the most out of your natural shape.  From now on, you carry that responsibility with you.

First, your eyebrows need to start where your eyes do. If you have a hard time determining where that exactly is, hold a brush up vertically creating a straight line from your inner eye to the beginning of your brow. The start should be the same. Trim or grow in accordingly.

Second, make sure your arch is in the right place. If the arch is at the inner part of the eye, for example, you look stupid. Take that same brush and, looking straight ahead, hold it to the outer edge of the iris. That’s the part of the eye that has the color. If you’re not in front of a mirror by now, it would be really helpful to find one. Then angle the bottom of your brush to side of your nose. Wherever the top of the brush lines up to on the eyebrow, this is where your arch should be. Trim and fill in as needed.

Here is a great chart I stole from e-Beauty Blog

Use a pencil for precise shaping (I like Laura Mercier)  or a powder with brush (Benefit has a good kit) for filling in. If you can pull it off, try making tiny little hair-like strokes for a more natural look with the pencil. And if you’re getting really fancy use that tiny eyeliner brush with the powder to shape.

Once the brows are shaped properly, take a clear mascara or brow groomer and, taking off the excess goo, brush the hairs upward to keep them in place.

Try to avoid making your eyebrows too thin. They really do frame the face and add definition to your existence. Plus, thick eyebrows are totally in right now.

Never tattoo your eyebrows and if you already did you should be wondering what the hell you were thinking??

For a great site all about brows check out Billion Dollar Brows

*Sperm-y or apostrophe shaped eyebrows are super gross and kind of ghetto. If you think that’s your look, well you go on with your bad-ass self. For the rest of you, it’s not too late to reform. Grow it in, fill it in, do what you have to do to fight the urge to purge those hairs!. 

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