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Making Face: Loose Powder Vs. Pressed Powder

Perhaps it’s the summer grease ‘n’ shine look, or maybe the desire to even out the skin tone without a foundation. Either way, you’ve decided you need some type of powder product and thus the decision of loose powder vs. pressed powder.

Loose Powder

The main purpose of loose powder is to set other makeup in place for a longer lasting look, so if that’s your goal go for a loose. Translucent or colored both work.

Loose actually yields a heavier coverage than pressed. If you’re looking for a powder to cover flaws a colored loose powder is best.

Loose Powder Application Tips

For a super heavy coverage like for photographs and videos try a powder puff and ‘crush’ the powder into the skin. For a lighter coverage to set the makeup or create a more natural look, use a powder brush filled with the powder and shake off the access. Then, lightly brush over the skin in a circular motion.

Pressed Powder

For touch-ups throughout the day, the convenient answer is pressed powder because of ease of portability. It’s also lighter than the loose powder so makes for a less ‘done’ look as you blot the shine throughout the day.

Pressed Powder Application Tips

If getting the grease out is your main issue, use a blotting paper or tissue to remove access oil first. You don’t want layer on top of layer of powder and grease shellac. For lighter coverage, use a makeup sponge instead of the puff that it may come with.

loose powder vs. pressed powder

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