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Really Gross Halloween Costume Ideas

You know what’s fun on Halloween? Something super gross. Being scary is in the true spirit, but being really really gross is a tight second. These are my top suggestions for super gross costumes:

1. Fat taken from a liposuction job.  Could even be someone specific’s fat from a specific part of the body. Hum… tapioca in clear plastic wrap?

2. Vomit, a classic. There are so many ways to make vomit really so go with what feels most authentic. Cardboard toilet seat hat takes the look to the next level. Or you can just wait and see if it becomes your costume by the end of the night.

3. Junkie is always a fun one. A friend of mine was ‘Heroine Sheik’ one year. He put track marks on with one of those dinky little kits with red, black, and white makeup and wore a sheik headdress. I thought that was clever, but any kind of junkie is cute. Lots of scabs add a nice touch.

4. Inside a porta-potty. Some cardboard, some cotton, a food coloring concoction… Eew!

5. A bed bug. Gross AND timely. Like an elementary school play costume, some carefully glued felt and a few pipe cleaners should get you started.

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