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I guess you could wear the cat ear headband again. I mean, unless you work in a bar, the Snookie costume probably isn’t a good Halloween day look.

If you’re trying to stay away from the headband cop-out, but don’t want to get so creative you’re having to tell people what you are all day (or drop any serious coinage) here are a few wholesome and easy Halloween tricks for your daytime office obligations.

1. Red scarf around curl-set hair, makeup-free face, some type of denim ensemble = Rosie the Riveter.

2. One large hoop earring, a scarf around the head and a drawn-on mustache = Pirate.

3. Plastic fangs, a drizzle of blood out of the mouth, and some black eyeliner = Vampire.

4. Grunge eye makeup, a white tee, lots of accessories with metal and leather and the like, dark shaggy hair = Joan Jett

5. Over-alls, red tee, red baseball hat, moustache = Mario

6. Teased hair with scarf or headband, fingerless lace gloves, red lips, pearl necklace, leggings = Classic Madonna

7. A scary rubber mask or somewhat original wig is totally a cut above the cat ears. Because I love it… Gangster Braids Wig

gangster braids wig

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